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Nip Employee Burnout in the Bud

Burnout in one employee can affect the whole team.

August 1, 2015

A strong negative correlation exists between burnout and job engagement, according to recent research. And burnout in one employee can affect the whole team.

Promote a healthier workplace with these five tips, advises Dr. Srini Pillay—founder and CEO of NeuroBusiness Group—in Fast Company:

  1. Monitor signs of stress in your employees. Not everyone deals with stress the same way.
  2. Encourage employees to deal with their emotions, not suppress them.
  3. Watch for dips in employee productivity.
  4. Recognize that personal stress can contribute to workplace burnout.
  5. Instill meaning at work. People who don’t find their work meaningful are more likely to burn out.

While you can’t eliminate stress altogether, Pillay says recognizing the symptoms of burnout can prevent employees from becoming chronically unhappy.