La. league commits to developing more CDFIs

August 6, 2015

NEW ORLEANS (8/6/15)--The Louisiana Credit Union League has announced a partnership with CU Strategic Planning that will help credit unions in the state achieve certification as Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs).

Through the partnership, CU Strategic Planning, a CDFI grant-writing firm, will provide certification and training to credit unions looking to earn CDFI status.

Anne Cochran, league president/CEO and chair of the World Council of Credit Unions, added, "Working together, the credit unions of Louisiana are poised to increase the financial acumen of its residents, expand access to financial resources, and improve the living conditions of the people of the great state of Louisiana. We believe our partnership with CU Strategic Planning will expedite this goal for our state.”

By creating more opportunities for credit unions to become CDFIs, the movement in the state will be better positioned to serve low-income residents and help support their communities, CU Strategic Planning said in a press release.

Two Louisiana credit unions, including Pelican State CU, Baton Rouge, and Shreveport (La.) FCU, already have taken part in CU Strategic Planning’s “Hero Community Development Certified Financial Counseling” training and have seen direct results.

“The [CDFI] certification and training program has helped us build a reputation with our members as the place to go for honesty,” said Jeffrey Conrad, Pelican State CU president/CEO. “This certification training allows communication to occur and reinforces the fact that ‘bad things happen to good people,’ and no one person is alone with their financial troubles.”