Foundation heads back to school with Aug. 27 Twitter chat

August 13, 2015

MADISON, Wis. (8/13/15)--Credit unions can learn how to engage with and positively affect local schools by participating in a Twitter chat later this month hosted by the National Credit Union Foundation.

Scheduled for Aug. 27 at 3 p.m. (CT), the chat will present an opportunity for credit unions and staffers to share best practices and examples of successful school-related programs such as in-school, student-run credit union branches and other financial literacy initiatives. 

TwitterChat“Credit unions across the country are busy right now prepping multiple outreach activities for the upcoming school year,” said Christopher Morris, foundation director of communications. “Whether it be backpack drives, managing an in-school branch, or preparing financial education activities, credit unions do a lot to benefit their area schools.

“The end result is improved youth financial literacy and well-being, which is why the foundation is excited to host this forum for idea sharing around credit unions’ school activities.”

To participate in the Twitter chat, which is a free, live-streaming conversation that’s open to anyone with a Twitter account, type the hashtag #foundationchat into the Twitter search bar at the scheduled time and simply follow the conversation. Tools such as Tweet Chat can also be used.

The foundation will tweet questions in a Q1, Q2, etc. format, and answers should be given in a corresponding A1, A2, etc. format. All questions and answers must include the hashtag #foundationchat.

The questions that will be asked can be found on the foundation’s website.