Gamification could boost security habits: Javelin

August 24, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO (8/24/15)--Encouraging consumers to “level up” when they face security challenges may lead to higher engagement and safer technology practices, according to a recent Javelin survey.

Increased awareness of security risks can cause consumers to become anxious, avoiding certain businesses and technologies. Gamification uses design elements of games to educate consumers about security practices and incentivize them to put these practices into use.

“If properly executed, gamification encourages positive behavior not because of fear of reprisals, but because account holders genuinely want to take the proper step," said Al Pascual, Javelin director of security and fraud.

"This kind of motivation tends to be much more effective at encouraging long-term change," Pascual said.

Account holders will then take positive steps toward secure transactions and take advantage of current security features, the report said.