Ventura County CU joins police in anti-skimming effort

August 27, 2015

VENTURA, Calif. (8/27/15)--Slipping a credit card into a gas pump’s point-of-sale terminal can seem harmless enough, but criminals continue to target these card readers with skimming devices at a high rate.

To combat this pervasive problem, Ventura (Calif.) County CU (VCCU) partnered with Ventura County law enforcement, local businesses and federal agencies earlier this month on a project that aims to prevent such crimes.

“Operation Take Back the Pumps,” spearheaded by the Moorpark, Calif., Police Department, involved a process that included:

  • Training law enforcement and gasoline station personnel on prevention methods;
  • Implementing programs for regular pump inspection; and
  • Educating the public on how to safely purchase fuel at the pump.

“Identity theft is a significant problem for citizens in our county, and we are eager to assist with efforts to protect both our [members] and local residents,” said April Remnant, VCCU assistant vice president of electronic services. “Pumping gas is a very common practice, so it is of the utmost importance that our local pumps are safe and skimming-device free, and that customers know how to protect themselves.”

Since the program was launched, 1,512 fuel pumps have been inspected and three skimming devices have been found.

VCCU was the only financial institution to partner on the initiative.