Gro Solutions launches mobile data capture solution

September 17, 2015

NEW YORK (9/17/15)--Gro Solutions, a provider of digital solutions for credit unions and banks, has launched a new product that uses wireless carrier information as part of the financial institution mobile account opening process.

Relying on multiple sources to capture data ensures financial institutions have all of the necessary, up-to-date information they need to process the application.

Gro Solutions views imaging a driver’s license as simply part of its multi-layered approach to solving the mobile account opening problem. Gro’s account opening process includes a direct call to the carriers.

The solution performs proper authentication and presents disclosures so the applicant can decide whether to authorize the carrier as a data source. If not, Gro account opening has other layers of information gathering that work simultaneously to gather as much data as possible.

“Financial institutions must make the best use of prospects’ time and onboard them as painlessly as possible, and going beyond imaging to capture prospects’ information eliminates one more step in the mobile account opening process,” said David Eads, Gro Solutions CEO. “Not only will this reduce abandonment, but financial institutions can use that extra time to engage with prospects rather than collecting data.”