Celebrating Our Interdependence

Celebrating Our Interdependence

Preserving what makes us strong can help accommodate CUs’ increasingly diverse needs.

October 1, 2015

One of the great distinguishing characteristics of our system is the interdependence between state leagues and CUNA as advocates for the best interests of credit unions.

The CUNA System Structure and Governance Task Force, in its report to the CUNA Board of Directors last month, highlighted this powerful component of our system.

Our commitment to each other and to the more than 103 million members we represent is something to celebrate as we observe Co-op Month. October is a fitting time to focus on how we can best enhance advocacy efforts on behalf of CUNA’s member credit unions.

Following a thorough review and consideration of the Task Force recommendations, the CUNA Board voted to adopt resolutions that will enhance advocacy efforts on behalf of CUNA’s member credit unions by strengthening the close partnership between CUNA and the leagues.

The Board also approved some exciting resolutions that help chart our path forward to being more accountable and more effective, and to driving more results on behalf of our member credit unions.

I met with the league presidents immediately following the CUNA Board of Directors meeting to begin planning how we would work together to do just that.

The ideas put forward by the Task Force and the other actions taken by the CUNA Board are focused on how best to adapt and strengthen our advocacy work and encourage greater credit union participation in our system.

As I start my second year as CUNA president/CEO, I’m impressed by how our interdependent system works.

From CUNA Councils and the record memberships they’re enjoying, to the Credit Union Legislative Action Council and the unrivaled success our political activity enjoys, to the partnership CUNA and the leagues have for Hike the Hill visits with members of Congress—23 states visited D.C. last month alone—the list goes on. Our system is strong.

Ultimately, the best action we can take is to work together to create as favorable an operating environment as possible for credit unions to thrive in the future—where every American has the opportunity to choose a credit union as their best financial partner.

The three pillars of CUNA’s value proposition—removing barriers, creating awareness, and service excellence—guide our strategy.

The question before us is what more can we do to be stronger to create new opportunities to attract and serve more members?

My request of you is simply this: Please get engaged. Share your views and opinions.

Let’s work together to determine how best to build a bigger and stronger credit union tent from which we’ll all benefit, and then set our own course for the future that assures a stronger credit union system.

Advocacy must remain at the heart of CUNA’s purpose. And a more unified CUNA-league system will enable us to be an even more strategically focused and efficient organization.

We understand our members’ demands for value, and we’ll stay focused on delivering results. Changes—well-planned and well-executed— will transform CUNA into an even more inclusive and accountable association.

Our commitment to each other and to the best interests of members is something to celebrate this October, during Co-op Month.

JIM NUSSLE is CUNA's president/CEO.