Five Tips for Setting Successful Goals

Ensure your CU sets achievable goals by following these five tips.

December 3, 2015

“If setting goals for your employees is quick and easy, you might be doing it wrong,” says Jayne Hitman, business development manager with CUNA’s Creating Member Loyalty program.

Ensure your credit union sets achievable goals by following these five tips:

1. Set individual goals. Break goals down for individual branches or employees to make them more attainable. Keep in mind the experience level of employees, their skills and abilities, and their past performance.

2. See the path. Staff must have a clear idea of the process—from start to finish—so their actions will meet your expectations.

3. Have an action plan. Managers or coaches must develop a plan for employees to follow to achieve the goal.

This could involve providing training, tools, or a predetermined set of steps to achieve a desired outcome.

4. Know the prospects. Conduct research to understand the needs of current and prospective members and how well your credit union meets their needs.

This will help your credit union identify opportunities, and can shape goals, Hitman says.

5. Coach consistently. Once goals are set, make sure you update employees on a regular basis about progress. Meet with them to review their performance and address weaknesses that may be prohibiting them from meeting their performance expectations.

“It’s all about the people. One person at a time,” Hitman says. “Avoid across-the-board goal setting. It promotes job dissatisfaction and turnover.”