Changing Consumer Behaviors Require New Member Interactions

CUs should re-examine how they interact with members in branches and call centers, and via social media.

September 28, 2015

There is a paradigm shift happening in our service economy, where more consumers are researching product information after work rather than during the day.

This will require credit unions to examine how they’re interacting with members in branches and call centers, and via social media, according to Sundeep Kapur, founder of Digital Credence.

He addressed the CUNA Tech/OpSS Council Conference in Orlando Monday in a breakout session called “Social Media for the Front Lines.”

Kapur laid out five key fundamentals for a digital strategy:
1. Finding new consumers;
2. Improving member onboarding;
3. Cultivating fans to promote your credit union on social media;
4. Tracking your return on investment; and
5. Training employees.

During a session that included some yoga, Kapur shared examples of the changing social media landscape across a variety of industries, and discussed ways to incorporate these learnings into the credit union service model.

Some “lessons from champions” included Delta Airlines’ mobile app, which effectively mixes outstanding, real-time service functionality such as flight delay messaging and weather updates with timely and integrated sales messages.

Kapur also cited Amazon.com as a leader in one-click shopping and knowing its customers.

Other organizations have not fared nearly as well, he says, such as SunTrust Bank’s “Live Solid” campaign, which fizzled out due to a lack of employee training and engagement.

Kapur also shared some “hot topics” for credit unions, including the transformation of the retail branch, using social media to help convert indirect members into direct members, and “building digital journeys” for members.

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