Cornerstone supports CUNA-League structure

October 2, 2015

FARMERS BRANCH, Texas (10/2/15)--Trumpeting a message that “We are Better Together,” Cornerstone Credit Union League President/CEO Dick Ensweiler publicly endorsed the CUNA-League structure.

After meeting with members of the CUNA board and considering the System Structure and Governance Task Force’s recent decision to maintain dual membership, Ensweiler said this week that Cornerstone is committed to cooperation and interdependence between leagues and CUNA in the delivery of credit union advocacy.

In the eyes of the president, the partnership among CUNA, the leagues and their member credit unions provides the strongest foundation for the credit union movement as it continues to progress and grow.

Cornerstone, the largest regional credit union league in the country, represents nearly 550 credit unions in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

“We want to express our appreciation for the task force’s efforts and their recommendation that CUNA enhance cooperation and interdependence with leagues in the delivery of advocacy for credit unions,” said Dick Ensweiler, Cornerstone president/CEO. “Our team will continue to support CUNA’s leadership as it works with Cornerstone to affect greater effectiveness, efficiencies and communication among system partners, while maintaining the existing system structure.”

“Simply put, we are better together, and can speak with one voice on behalf of credit unions together,” Ensweiler added. “This system remains the envy of associations across the country. By connecting a strong local or regional presence through an association like Cornerstone with operations in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas with a national association focused on national legislative and regulatory advocacy, we can have a direct impact for credit unions in their communities and in Washington, D.C.”

Ensweiler also said that Cornerstone’s work in the legislatures of the three states it represents has led to significant victories for credit unions, and that the league received direct support from CUNA in these efforts.

“Each of (our) strategic initiatives is supported by our relationship with CUNA, which works every day with professional staff and expertise in legislative and regulatory advocacy to ensure a favorable political environment for credit unions both locally and nationally, while protecting and preserving the political climate for credit unions,” the league president said.

Ensweiler added that it was clear that the CUNA-league structure is unmatched in terms of the depth and breadth of its service, and that the league will continue to share that message with credit unions across Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

“We think the fact that nine new affiliations or re-affiliations with Cornerstone and a (Net Promoter Score) exceeding 70 for Cornerstone by its credit unions during 2015 are clear indicators that Cornerstone credit unions agree,” Ensweiler said.