Angela DeFeo
Angela DeFeo

Building a Positive Culture

'Finding the perfect fit for the CU and the job candidate is so rewarding.'

October 14, 2015

WHEN NEW EMPLOYEES at The Summit Federal Credit Union are asked what drew them to the credit union, they overwhelmingly mention Angela DeFeo.

They describe positive interviewing experiences with the employment specialist and how she makes them feel welcomed when they accept positions at the $750 million asset Rochester, N.Y., credit union.

“Meeting new people and finding the perfect fit for the needs of the credit union—and the candidate—is so rewarding,” says DeFeo. “People energize me and I love that aspect of my job.”

DeFeo is skilled at discovering and uncovering talent, says Amy Romano, the credit union’s human resources manager. “When a quality applicant isn’t a fit for a position, she remains in contact with the person until the right opportunity comes along,” Romano says. “Angela’s ability to see the big picture, make connections between roles and individual talents, and build relationships enables us to attract talented employees who support our credit union’s mission and values.”

DeFeo implemented an applicant tracking system for The Summit to streamline the recruiting process. She also has revitalized the credit union’s employee recognition program. She created a multilevel program that captures good deeds—big and small—and engages employees who go above and beyond.

The intranet-based recognition program enables formal, public recognition of stellar accomplishments that meet certain guidelines. It also allows managers to provide on-the-spot recognition for excellent performance of day-to-day duties. “There’s also a thank-you page so employees can recognize each other for ‘priceless deeds,’” explains DeFeo.

She’s proud of the recognition program and the talent she’s brought to the credit union. As Romano says, “Her contributions have helped The Summit develop and maintain a strong and positive culture in which employees feel valued. Her attention to detail ensures a smooth onboarding process, making for wonderful first impressions and setting the tone.”

DeFeo is active in her community and participates in job fairs. She does employment counseling and assists with résumés, networking, and other job-related needs.

What she’s most proud of, though, is seeing the growth and success of people she’s recruited. “It tells me I’m doing the right things.”