April Dunn
April Dunn

A Passion for CUs

'We add a human touch to members' digital experience.'

October 14, 2015

CREDIT UNION EMPLOYEES see hundreds, if not thousands, of members throughout the year, while members may only see a few employees.

“You—just you—may be the only representative a member sees, and that means you’re the face of the credit union to that member,” says April Anne Dunn, assistant manager of inbound Web at $2.2 billion asset Citadel Federal Credit Union, Exton, Pa. “You’re the brand and you’re what they picture when they think of their experience.”

April Dunn

April Dunn, second from left, volunteers at a financial reality fair at a Pennsylvania high school. About 350 high-school seniors attended the fair, which teaches students lessons on money management.

It’s the most important thing Dunn has learned over the years, and this outlook demonstrates why three of her colleagues nominated her as a Credit Union Rock Star. Her colleagues talk about Dunn’s overriding passion for credit unions, and her tireless work to advocate and educate people about them, to improve members’ financial lives, and to enhance her credit union’s processes.

Dunn and her team process requests submitted through the marketing and online banking sites, email, and Web chat. “We add a human touch to members’ digital experience,” she says.

Calling herself a proud nerd, Dunn says she’s always sifting through data to see how she can improve Citadel’s member experience. She documents trends and uses the information to make a case for her strategic process-improvement suggestions, always looking from the members’ perspective.

Dunn is president of the Lan-Chester Chapter of Credit Unions, chair of the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association’s Young Professionals Network—which she helped start—and a director on the Pennsylvania Credit Union Foundation’s board. She’s always looking for opportunities to make people aware of, and get them excited about, credit unions.

Often using her own vacation time, Dunn volunteers for numerous community activities, including reality fairs. She was a 2012 Pennsylvania Youth Ambassador and has been a guest speaker on credit union broadcasts.

She’s pleased to see more youth involvement in credit union events since the launch of the Young Professionals Network. Young people are learning, receiving recognition for their efforts, and developing their credit union movement careers.

Dunn plans to continue fostering community financial literacy programs. “We have an obligation to the communities we serve to prepare them for the future,” she says.

For her team, she strives to become the best leader and coach she can, with the help of her supportive supervisor. “I want to help my team reach their goals the same way others have helped me in the past,” she says.