Lori Gall
Lori Gall

'Sollievo' Means Relief for CUs

'Compliance can be a huge burden, and it gets more complex every day.'

October 14, 2015

KNOWING HOW hard it is for credit unions—especially smaller ones— to stay knowledgeable about regulatory issues, Lori Gall is pleased to serve as president/CEO of Sollievo Group, a credit union service organization (CUSO).

Sollievo, which means relief in Italian, provides risk management and compliance services for credit unions. “Compliance can be a huge burden for credit unions—we always hear that—and it gets more complex every day,” says Gall, who is also the senior vice president of administration for Mid-Atlantic Corporate Federal Credit Union, which owns the CUSO.

Lori Gall

Lori Gall (far right) helps present Mid-Atlantic Corporate FCU's contribution to the Children's Miracle Network at a telethon in June.

At Mid-Atlantic Corporate, Gall is the compliance and security officer, and is responsible for enterprise risk management, information security, business continuity, facilities, and the administrative team. “The same team that does risk management and compliance for Mid-Atlantic Corporate also does so for credit unions that engage with Sollievo,” she explains. “We have the expertise here at Mid-Atlantic Corporate, and the credit unions own us, so why not use our expertise to help them as well?”

Gall also participates in World Council of Credit Union’s Global Women’s Leadership Network, which has Sister Society chapters around the world to educate and mentor women and help them better their lives. Gall helped develop a chapter in Pennsylvania. Its first meeting was in September.

She’s also proud of Mid-Atlantic Corporate’s work with Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) Hospitals. The corporate raises funds through activities, such as maintaining a community garden and selling the vegetables. Gall has developed a relationship with Sammy, a teen with traumatic brain injury who is a CMN member.

Lori Gall

Lori Gall and Sammy Hill, an ambassador for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, swap sunglasses during the corporate’s annual employee picnic.

“She comes here to speak— and she’s a hoot,” Gall says. “I’m so proud to know that the funds we raise help her and her family with their astronomical medical costs.”

Another initiative Gall enjoys is the show she creates in Mid-Atlantic Corporate’s video studio every other month. “I focus on credit unions and those helping them, such as a credit union CEO who teaches financial literacy to blind students. It appears on Mid-Atlantic Corporate’s FInection video channel and on YouTube. It’s fun to do and credit unions seem to like it.”

Gall is proud of watching her team grow professionally. “We spend a lot of time and resources on employee development. Seeing them achieve success is amazing.”