Beth Kelly
Beth Kelly

Creative Thinking Pays Off

‘It’s inspiring how just two little words—we care—can hold so much meaning.’

November 11, 2015

WALT DISNEY KNEW a thing or two about the credit union industry. Well, at least he did in an indirect way, according to Beth Kelly, marketing and business development director at $77 million asset Hopewell Federal Credit Union in Heath, Ohio.

“I grew up visiting Walt Disney World in Florida and really wanted to give people the magical experiences I had during my visits,” she says. “Recognizing that consumers often make choices based on how things make them feel provided me great awareness as I moved into the financial services realm. People are emotional and sensitive about money, and I need to make sure our marketing supports that.”

Disney and Kelly also share a common trait—creativity.

In her work at Hopewell, she has several responsibilities that require resourceful thinking, including social media management, content creation, and writing in all areas of communication.

But it was when she created an in-house training program that her creativity truly began to shine.

“I began looking at ways to develop a program that not only incorporated tools that our employees could use to give superior service, but also guidelines to help them carry them out,” says Kelly.

Kelly spearheaded a program called “We C.A.R.E” to drive home the mission of the credit union to its employees. Through four training classes, employees learn how to Communicate, Advocate, Respect, and Exceed with members and their co-workers.

“This is a great example of her creativity and ability to think outside the box at work,” says Heather Koklich, Hopewell Federal’s executive assistant and human resource generalist.

The We C.A.R.E. program has also been incorporated into Hopewell Federal’s branding.

“I wanted to take the program one step further,” Kelly says. “We are hopeful that members and potential members will see this and feel that we are focused on their financial well-being and their community. It’s really inspiring how just two little words—we care—can hold so much meaning,” Kelly says.

Kelly feels fortunate she gets to be creative every day in her career. “I try to ensure that I always bring something new and exciting to the table,” she says.