Jeff Lee
Jeff Lee

Employee Engagement Leader

'It's great when you can trust your co-workers and when you genuinely care about each other.'

December 25, 2015

YOU’LL FIND HIM at the grill cooking hamburgers and hot dogs for employee appreciation events, or see him smile when someone puts a little humor in the workplace.

Where there’s fun, you’ll find Jeff Lee, executive vice president at $168 million asset Members Choice of Central Texas Federal Credit Union in Waco, Texas.

“Jeff feels that during your time with our organization, you should make it one of your best experiences,” says Judy Haney, the credit union’s human resource manager.

Not surprising, Lee has been a leader in employee engagement at his credit union.

Lee advocated for an initiative called “The Houses of Members Choice” in which every employee in the credit union is assigned a house. The houses, or categories, include strategies and initiatives, community service, and staff recreation and socialization.

“The house system is very important to all of the executive management team members and our employees. It requires ‘buy-in’ from everyone, including our board of directors,” he says. “It provides the framework for social camaraderie, because everyone needs a friend at work; encourages participation in community volunteerism; aids in employee engagement; and promotes leadership development within the credit union.”

The houses initiative enables employees from all walks of life to interact with each other, says Haney.

“It’s a morale booster, especially because it gives our employees a platform to exchange ideas, embrace differences, and learn about individual efforts that we can combine collectively to make a difference across many levels,” says Haney.

Lee believes that engagement with members is equally important.

“We strive for full engagement with our members, and we want to be the financial resource for our community. This relationship is cherished. It makes me proud when we can do our best for our members,” Lee says.

‘It’s great when you can trust your co-workers and when you know that they genuinely care about you and each other.’