Insights from Tech/OpSS 2015

Tuesday's breakouts cover topics such as ERM, cybersecurity, and leadership.

October 11, 2015

Jeff Owen Rochdale Group

In establishing a strong enterprise risk management stance, CUs should strive to create a “culture of inquiry" that encourages curiosity, is built on trust, and triggers proactive dialogue, says Jeff Owen, senior consultant at The Rochdale Group.

That emphasis on culture must start with the board of directors and senior management and resonates through the entire organization.

Agile 102 panel

Being agile is listening, communicating, reflecting, and taking action, say the participants in the Agile 102 panel discussion: (left to right) Dustin Montoya, Open Tech Solutions director of application development and support; Scott Rabe, project management and development manager, STCU; and Trey Kelso, Virginia CU vice president of business solutions and development.

Andrew Downin Filene

Create a culture of innovation at your CU by encouraging your employees and members to share big ideas, and to embrace failure as a necessary step toward progress, says Andrew Downin, Filene Research Institute innovation director.

Crystal Jonas

Discernment is one of the most important traits a leader can possess, says Crystal Jones, president of Tap Your Genius, Inc., who guided a breakout session titled “Advanced emotional intelligence: What executives need to know about bringing out the best in their people.”

Jones displayed C.H. Spurgeon’s definition of discernment ,which is “not knowing the difference between right and wrong; it is knowing the difference between right and almost right.”

In that vein, leaders must understand the difference between recognition and reward, in the way that Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton only recommended only certain members of his ill-fated Endurance expedition of 1914-16 for honors. He drew the line between survival because of certain crew members and survival in spite of certain crew members.

David Anderson

Understanding how to identify the low-hanging fruit of security vulnerabilities and the ways hackers can attack your systems can shed
light on how to combat these attacks, David Anderson says in the breakout session “An ethical hacker’s perspective: 10 things that make attacks easy.” 

Gordie Ellison

In terms of ease of implementation, developers always will prefer Agile because of its flexibility, whereas executives and board members naturally defer to Waterfall because of its heavy emphasis on documentation, says Gordie Ellison, Open Technology Solutions program manager, who led the breakout session “Agile 101: What you need to understand about introducing a bimodal and Agile approach into your work environment.”

Incentives breakout Tech/OpSS

The topic of whether to offer incentives to employees trigger polar reactions, which is why Greg Inman, SVP of Neighbors CU, and CUNA’s Angela Prestil, director of business development (not pictured), opted to split attendees of their breakout session on the topic into small groups to discuss their CUs’ varied approaches.

John Zasada

Expect more money services businesses (MSBs) to approach CUs in coming years as big banks and other traditional financial services institutions shy away from working with these companies and others involved with the legal marijuana trade, says John Zasada, principal, CliftonAllenLarson.

Your CU should develop a defensible position for deciding whether or not to work with these businesses, based on regulatory compliance standards, Zasada advises.

Karim Habib CUNA Mutual

Focus on the member experience when implementing a sales and service culture, recommends Karim Habib, CUNA Mutual Group director, sales and marketing lender development program.

If you don’t understand the member’s needs, you’re simply product pushing, he says.

Rory Rowland

Gamification—the use of game thinking and game mechanics to engage employees—improves staff engagement and reduces turnover, says Rory Rowland, who led a rollicking session on the topic where attendees engaged in seven games they can use at their branches and offices.

Tom Neclerio

Inspect and adopt the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council cybersecurity recommendations, and implement policies and processes that enable a resilient response to potential attacks, says Tom Neclerio, vice president of professional services, BAE Applied Intelligence/SilverSky.