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Scenes from ‘Experience Learning Live’

CUNA conference helps CU trainers transform their organizations’ educational culture.

October 26, 2015

Credit union trainers are gathering in Las Vegas this week for CUNA Experience Learning Live!, a conference that helps these professionals transform their staff education programs, refine their expertise, and develop their personal training styles.

Following are scenes from Sunday’s preconference sessions.

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    Teammates in a scavenger hunt during the opening night of CUNA Experience Learning Live! for a group selfie.

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    Jayne Hitman, business development manager for CUNA's Creating Member Loyalty (CML) program, describes a "kumbaya" moment during a recent meeting with a client. When the CU’s departments realized they hadn’t communicated their training objectives and processes well, staff made a concerted effort to align their goals.

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    Cheryl Johnson explores the development of optimal training environments in “Creative by Design,” a preconference workshop.

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    Gavin Zeff, instructional designer for Firefighters First CU in Los Angeles (right), offers his observations on customizing training programs for millennials. He says this demographic group tends to learn best through active and creative activities.

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    Attendees engage in group discussions about the best ways to engage employees when implementing CUNA’s CML.

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    Kristin Steede, business development manager for CUNA’s CML (far left), jots down ideas on how to reinforce lessons taught through the training and engagement program.

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    Participants in a group discussion in Las Vegas “feel lucky” to take part in the CUNA CML Users Summit.

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    Angela Prestil, CUNA’s director of business development (far right), guides discussion during the CUNA CML Users Summit.

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    Melissa Hanes, training manager at Warren FCU, Cheyenne, Wyo., shares training insights.

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    Michelle Trekas, manager of sales/service training at Red Canoe CU, Longview, Wash., jots down suggestions from her team during a group exercise on engagement.

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    Ken Kelly, manager of training/development at Red Canoe CU in Longview, Wash., shares war stories with tablemates.

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    Courtney Cantwell (left), CUNA’s instructional design manager, confirms a scavenger hunt team’s finds during an icebreaker event at Experience Learning Live!