CU*Answers: Members take advantage of virtual storage

October 27, 2015

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (10/27/15)--Credit union service organization CU*Answers is providing 10 MB of free virtual storage space for every member of a credit union on the CU*BASE processing system.

With 20 CU*BASE clients already signed on, CU*Answers reported it has received very positive response from credit unions who say member confidence and usage has quickly elevated.

“The benefits for credit unions to provide this free service to every member are very real,” said Scott Page, CU*Answers executive vice president. “For the member, the value to securely store key documents which may otherwise be misplaced or lost is invaluable.

“For the credit union,” he added, “this represents a differentiator for helping attract, serve and retain new members.”

The virtual document depository is the result of a collaboration between CU*Answers, eDOC Innovations and Virtual StrongBox. Loan and membership forms and electronic receipts can be delivered to the member’s virtual file cabinet from CU*BASE.

Earlier this year, CU*Answers integrated the My Virtual StrongBox tool into the It’s Me 247 online banking system, allowing members to store their personal documents without having to leave the online banking portal.

The member is able to retrieve those documents in a secure environment with the added convenience of being able to share stored documents with others.