CFO-HR pairing strengthens strategic focus: Councils white paper

October 29, 2015

MADISON, Wis. (10/29/15)--A human resources (HR) department with a strategic focus can bridge disconnects and strengthen an organization’s vision, according to a recent white paper from the CUNA HR & Organizational Development and CUNA CFO Councils.

If HR, training and other organizational development professionals aren’t included as strategic players, however, it can have lasting negative effects on an organization, the paper “Organizational and Development Metrics: Strengthening HR’s Strategic Approach” argues.

Given that chief financial officers are always considered strategic, the paper poses the question “What if these two seemingly opposite disciplines worked together?”

Put another way, would strategic planning become more effective if it incorporated clear information on how HR issues affect the bottom line?

“The credit union industry should strive to be more leading-edge in all we do in order to stay competitive and viable in the financial word,” said Julie Wigley, vice president of HR at University of Michigan CU, Ann Arbor, in the paper. “And HR is an integral piece to help make that happen. The credit union with the best people will win.”

Drawing from the insights of a variety of credit union leaders, the white paper tackles how those on both sides of the organizational equation can foster strategic cohesiveness. Among other subjects the paper explores:

  • The reasons behind disconnects;
  • The case for becoming strategic partners; and
  • Defining the metrics, gathering the data and delivering return on investment.

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