Corporate One offers member onboarding through Gro Solutions

November 17, 2015

COLUMBUS, Ohio (11/17/15)--Corporate One FCU has partnered with Gro Solutions, a provider of digital growth solutions for credit unions and banks, to offer Gro Solutions’ suite of digital member onboarding solutions.

Gro Solutions provides a multichannel account origination platform designed to support a consistent user experience through a desktop, in-branch or mobile device. Using the latest mobile technology, it streamline the integration of application data during the account opening process and reduces application abandonment rates.

“As the pendulum swings ever more toward digital banking, our partnership with Gro Solutions will help our members become and remain more competitive in the digital banking arena and improve membership growth and retention,” said Lee Butke, Corporate One president/CEO.

Gro Solutions’ approach uses all of the capabilities of the mobile device, such as global positioning, imaging, wireless carrier data, email address parsing and other features to limit manual text and make the onboarding process as easy as possible. Financial institutions can open and fund new accounts in less than four minutes regardless of the time or location of the member.