CUNA highlights CUs that put philosophy into action

Louise Herring awards recognize CUs incorporating CU principles into daily operations.

February 24, 2016

The Louise Herring award, named for one of the original signers of the 1934 constitution that created CUNA, recognizes credit unions that do an extraordinary job incorporating credit union philosophy into daily operations.

This year’s winning credit unions’ good works include:

  • Stopping the free fall of home values in Detroit—one home repair loan at a time;
  • Saving members nearly $3.4 million through a “Golden Savings Pig” loan refinancing program;
  • Designing a checking account for millennials to make financial services easy, convenient, educational, and more transparent; and
  • Launching “Payment Perks” to encourage members to make on-time loan payments.

Louise Herring started numerous credit unions and believed strongly in applying credit union philosophy as an operating principle.

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