Paul Begala - Mike Murphy
Paul Begala (left) squares off with fellow political strategist Mike Murphy, much to the amusement of GAC host Paul Berry.

Begala, Murphy to present political point-counterpoint

Political strategists will analyze the 2016 election.

February 23, 2016

With the presidential election set for November, there is a lot to learn about what’s at stake for credit unions and how they serve their members.

Political strategists Paul Begala and Mike Murphy will take part in a moderated point-counterpoint on the 2016 election, and with Super Tuesday just around the corner, they are likely to present an educational, engaging and entertaining setting the bar for national convention delegates.

Begala, one of the Democratic Party’s most prominent consultants, is a CNN political analyst and commentator.

He worked on the successful presidential campaigns for former President Bill Clinton in 1992 and 2012 for President Barack Obama.

Murphy, a Republican media strategist, TIME columnist, and NBC News analyst, has coordinated advertising and strategy for 26 successful campaigns.

He has worked with Arnold Schwarzenegger, who served as the governor of California for eight years, and for the 2000 presidential campaign of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.).