CUNA hands out Project Zip Code awards

CU leagues recognized at GAC for actively promoting advocacy.

February 24, 2016

Project Zip Code awards go to leagues that promote Project Zip Code participation. These advocacy leaders were recognized during the CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference.

CUNA's Project Zip Code is a secure program that counts credit union members and matches them by congressional district, state legislative district, and county. This data aids in federal and state advocacy efforts.

This year’s winners are:

  • The Mississippi Credit Union Association for the league with the greatest increase in credit union participation in 2015;
  • The Nevada Credit Union League for the league with the greatest increase in credit union members identified in 2015. The league increased the number of members identified by 26%;
  • The Association of Vermont Credit Unions for the greatest percentage of credit union participation in the last two years by increasing their credit union participation by 60%; and
  • The Alaska Credit Union League, which received the lifetime achievement award for the highest percentage of credit union members matched over the past six years.