Innovative GAC videos highlight News Now Top 10 list

March 2, 2016

MADISON, Wis. (3/2/16)--This year, the Credit Union National Association introduced innovative, daily video summaries of CUNA's Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC). The videos were a big hit with readers--make that viewers, of News Now--accounting for four of the top five most-requested news items during February.

The only news item with more viewers than the four GAC videos was an article about how the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) approved a final rule--supported by CUNA--that represents a complete overhaul of the NCUA’s member business lending (MBL) regulation.

The Top 10 most-viewed news items for February:

10. CUNA board proposes restated bylaws: Membership vote to come

WASHINGTON (2/1/16)--CUNA’s board of directors has voted to adopt and advance restated bylaws to a membership vote.

9. Merchants, not consumers, benefit from debit change: CUNA in American Banker

WASHINGTON (2/24/16)--Retailers have kept most of the revenue--an estimated $32 billion--from price controls implemented by debit card restrictions, a direct hit on consumer pocketbooks, CUNA and its trade association partners said in op-ed piece published today in American Banker.

8. CUNA, member CU keep FASB attention on CU CECL concerns

NORWALK, Conn. (2/5/16)--CUNA Senior Director of Advocacy Luke Martone and Susan Hannigan, senior vice president/chief financial officer of Jeanne D’Arc CU, Lowell, Mass., brought a credit union perspective to a policy discussion Thursday about accounting for credit impairment.

7. CFPB sets March 1 webinar for TRID questions

WASHINGTON (2/4/16)--The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) will conduct a webinar to address specific mortgage and construction lending questions March 1.

6. Big relief throughout new MBL rule: CUNA

WASHINGTON (2/19/16)--The biggest thing for credit unions to know about the NCUA’s newly adopted overhaul of federal MBL regulations is that it strips all restrictions from the rule that are not specifically laid out in the Federal Credit Union Act, noted Elizabeth Eurgubian Thursday.

5. GAC Today: Video highlights from Tuesday

WASHINGTON (2/24/16)--Veteran broadcast journalist Ted Koppel’s warning about our nation’s vulnerability to a potentially catastrophic cyberattack, visits from top regulatory agency officials, and breakout sessions on payment technology breakthroughs and digital grassroots campaigns highlighted the action at the CUNA GAC on Tuesday in Washington, D.C.

4. GAC Today: Video highlights from Wednesday

WASHINGTON (2/25/16)--Credit union leaders and national legislators brought their messages to each other Wednesday on Capitol Hill and at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center as advocacy took center stage at the CUNA GAC.

3. GAC Today: Video highlights from Monday

WASHINGTON (2/23/16)--An NCUA board member urging credit union advocates to push for more regulatory relief, a futurist, and engaging breakout sessions on field of membership and CUNA’s bylaws marked some of the major moments of the CUNA GAC Monday.

2. GAC Today: Video highlights from Sunday

WASHINGTON (2/22/16)--Best-selling business author Daniel Pink headlined the opening day of the CUNA GAC in Washington, D.C., with a keynote address Sunday evening in which he underscored the three personal qualities that matter most in selling.

1. NCUA approves CUNA-backed MBL rule overhaul

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (2/18/16)--The NCUA just approved a final rule, supported by CUNA, that represents a complete overhaul of the NCUA’s MBL regulation. The board's vote was unanimous.