CU’s electric vehicle station energizes new member

March 4, 2016

OGDEN, Utah (3/4/16)--Weber State CU’s (WSCU) commitment to electric vehicles (EV) in the Ogden, Utah, area charged up the enthusiasm of an EV owner--who is now a member of the credit union.

The Ogden, Utah-based credit union installed an EV charging station that can be used for free at its main branch.

“A strong network of charging stations helps reassure those considering electric that they will have plenty of places to recharge,” said WSCU President Vickie van der Have.

It also engenders goodwill among EV drivers. For instance, Rod Holtry moved both his personal and business accounts from two different banks to the credit union. “I figured I'd support them for putting a charger there,” he said (Standard Examiner Feb. 25).

The credit union also offers a 0.25% discount on loan rates for green vehicles to help encourage the purchase of electric and hybrid vehicles. “Offering a loan discount and informing people about green vehicle tax credits may be enough to tip the scales in the decision to purchase electric,” said van der Have.

“I think there's a good portion of our members, and in the market in general, who appreciated that environmentally friendly attitude and want to do business with companies that have a green focus,” Roger Dickson, WSCU community engagement director, told the Standard Examiner. “I think people notice that and say ‘yeah, I'd like to do business with you.’”