Every member is an owner, Garden Savings ad reminds

March 25, 2016

PARSIPANNY, N.J. (3/25/16)--A new ad from Garden Savings FCU reinforces the member-as-owner structure of credit unions--a key part of the credit union difference.

In the ad, a new member watches members being greeted by name then described as an owner by the credit union employee.

“How many owners are there?” the new member asks.

The response is that at a credit union, “all of our members are owners.”

“The fact that members are owners is something we really wanted to focus on,” said Michael Powers, chief sales officer at the Parsippany, N.J., credit union (The Daily Exchange March 24).

“It is one of the biggest differentiators between credit unions and banks and something that we are hoping will resonate to a lot of individuals that want to be a part of a different kind of financial institution–A Better Place to Bank,” added Powers, who also appears in the ad.