Richard Finnegan, CEO of C-Suite Analytics, says CUs must adopt new techniques to recruit employees instead of relying only on traditional tactics.

Recruiting Top Talent Takes Courage

Think outside the box to find the best employees.

April 11, 2016

Human resource (HR) leaders are continually looking to find the best talent for open positions at their credit unions. But it’s critical for credit unions to have a strategy in place to find, recruit, and retain those individuals.

And that may mean thinking outside the box and using a new set of techniques instead of traditional methods, Richard Finnegan said during a preconference workshop Sunday at the CUNA HR & Organizational Development Council Conference in Orlando.

Finnegan, CEO of C-Suite Analytics, advised attendees to adopt four recruiting methods:

1. Use LinkedIn

Use this social media platform to connect with local credit union professionals and join credit union groups. This will give your credit union an easy and free way to connect with prospective employees and send out job announcements.

“These are such good tools that are just sitting there for us,” Finnegan says.

2. Encourage referrals

Establish an employee referral program and consider taking it one step further by setting a goal for the percentage of new hires that come via referrals. Identify and hold one person accountable for reaching that goal.

“Somebody must own it. Otherwise it’s just an activity,” Finnegan said.

3. Craft an employee value proposition

Develop a statement that distinguishes your credit union from other employers. What makes your credit union different? Why should a prospective employee want to work there?

4. Hire employees who stay

When interviewing job candidates, tell them why they should want to work for your credit union.

But also think about giving them the “realistic job preview,” which “smacks the senses” and not only tells that candidate the good things about the job, but also details why employees quit or get fired from that that position.