Former Ill. league president/CEO Plauda dies at 69

May 3, 2016

Dan Plauda, longtime credit union leader and former president/CEO of the Illinois Credit Union System, died May 1. He was 69.

Plauda first started with the league in 1977, working as general counsel under then-CEO Dick Ensweiler. He became CEO of the Illinois Credit Union League (ICUL) and League Services Corp. in 1984, becoming only the fourth person to serve in that position since the league’s inception in 1930.


Dan Plauda

“Dan was a leader for many years in the credit union industry--across the country as well as Illinois--as well as a mentor and friend to many of us,” said current league President/CEO Tom Kane. “With his tremendous amount of industry experience and knowledge, he was a wonderful sounding board for new ideas or dealing with challenges, as he could engage in discussions on almost any topic and make quick, sound decisions.  He will certainly be missed by those of us who were fortunate to work with him over the years.”

He also formed the Illinois Credit Union Foundation, establishing it as a 501(3) charitable organization to benefit the needs of small credit unions throughout the state, and oversaw the growth of the Credit Union Political Action Council. He also expanded and restructured the league’s Governmental Affairs Department and opened a branch office in Springfield.

Plauda retired in June 2014 and was inducted that year to the Illinois Credit Union Hall of Fame to honor his contributions to the credit union community.  Dan was one of the longest serving CEOs in the country and served on multiple national organization committees, including CUNA and the American Association of Credit Union League.

“He was a sincere and kind person who truly loved helping credit unions and their members,” said Stephen Olson, ICUL executive vice president/general counsel. “He had a keen ability to identify the proper course of action and right thing to do and, in the process, he was an inspiration to me and all those who worked with him.”