Charlene Li at ACUC 2016

Become 'completely obsessed' with your members

Create specialized experiences based on their needs and wants, Charlene Li says.

June 29, 2016

If any sector has the ability to shift consumer loyalty, it’s credit unions, says Charlene Li, author of “The Engaged Digital Leader.” New products shift market share, and business models shift ecosystems, but credit unions? Their opportunity lies in how brands shift loyalties.

“Harness the enthusiasm of your employees to grow and create brand awareness and loyalty,” says Li, who spoke during Tuesday’s General Session at CUNA’s America’s Credit Union Conference.

Credit unions should “become completely obsessed” with what members need and want, she says. This gives credit unions the ability to create specialized experiences for their membership.

And to be a force of disruption, credit unions must have the “audacity to create a movement where people absolutely believe in what you do,” Li says.

She advises:

  • Focus on the vision. Look to your purpose, mission, and values;
  • Create entrepreneurs who can take an impossible situation and make a difference;
  • Provide structure and measure results. Frame disruptions you want to create by asking, “What do I have permission to break?”;
  • Foster diverse points of view; and
  • Amplify with digital. Leaders can learn how to use these tools, but users may not be leaders.

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