CUNA Certified Fin. Counselor eSchool dates announced

July 26, 2016

CUNA announced the dates for both segments of its 2016 CUNA Certified Financial Counselor eSchool. Part 1 of the program will be held Aug. 2-Sept. 20, while Part 2 will be held Oct. 4-Nov. 22.

By completing both eSchools, participants can earn the Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor (CCUFC) designation from CUNA Financial Counseling Education Program (FiCEP).

Each program is comprised of 8 weekly sessions hosted by expert financial counselors and educators. Part 1 of the program provides an overview of counseling as a craft and a foundational understanding of key financial concepts including cash flow, budgeting, credit reports and more. Part 2 builds upon this foundation in sessions that explore retirement issues, taxes, insurance and the thought process behind financial decisions.

Registered attendees gain access to all FiCEP modules and exams, which will prepare them for the CCUFC exam. The designation reflects comprehensive counseling knowledge and preparedness to address the full breadth of members’ counseling needs.

Aspiring CCUFCs can also earn the designation through the FiCEP self-study kit, which is available in print and eBook, or from recorded versions of the eSchool.