Jennifer DeMoe
Jennifer DeMoe

Meet Pioneer Valley CU's problem-solver

'I love a challenge. The bigger the challenge, the better, because it keeps me thinking and working.'

October 5, 2016

Number-crunching and problem-solving fill this vice president of finance with joy.

“I love a challenge. The bigger the challenge, the better, because it keeps me thinking and working,” says Jennifer DeMoe of $64 million asset Pioneer Valley Credit Union in Springfield, Mass.

She is a thinker, a problem-solver, a daring trial-seeker. And, as colleague Jennie McPherson calls her, an “energetic go-getter.”

DeMoe encounters difficult tasks throughout her workday.

“I never know what the day might hold,” she says. “Every day is something new, a new fire to put out.”

McPherson doesn’t hesitate to sing DeMoe’s praises, saying that she was instrumental in “improving online and digital service offerings.”

DeMoe came to the credit union at a time when technology was top of mind. Wanting to serve members more efficiently, DeMoe was driven to look into all of the new technology available.

“After the research and discussions, we were able to put technology improvements into place and offer them to our members,” DeMoe says. “I’ve always been the test person to ensure the products work prior to deployment. We now offer mobile banking with remote deposit capture and ATM remote deposit capture, and Apple Pay is coming soon.”

DeMoe now also heads up information technology (IT) functions.

“I have a natural talent for figuring things out and for deductive reasoning” she says. “I love puzzles, so the addition of IT was a natural fit for me.”

DeMoe is also working toward becoming a certified public accountant.

Outside of work, she participates in a local fishing league with her fiancé (“I’m the only girl in the league, and I do enjoy beating the men”).

She also works as a gymnastics coach, and she’s a mom.

“I love being a mom,” she says. “It’s the greatest job in the world—the most rewarding and challenging job all at once.”

And she won’t be bowing to a challenge anytime soon.