Dawn Grohskopf
Dawn Grohskopf

An inspired coach

UnitedOne CU's Dawn Grohskopf cultivates branches that consistently outperform others.

October 5, 2016

Motivational quotes are her thing.

In fact, as a branch manager at $195 million asset UnitedOne Credit Union in Sheboygan, Wis., Dawn Grohskopf sends inspiring quotes to those she coaches every week.

Dawn Grohskopf

Click to enlarge. UnitedOne’s Dawn Grohskopf attends the 2016 Wisconsin Governmental Affairs Conference at the State Capitol in Madison, Wis.

Grohskopf holds monthly coaching sessions with each individual on her team, focusing on member experiences, goal-setting, and the great things they’re doing.

“Consistent mentoring tailored to the individual’s performance and training needs is important to me,” says Grohskopf. She even has notes handy with each person’s career goals so she can keep them “top of mind.”

When she’s not on the teller line, covering at remote branch locations, assisting the MS Walk Committee, or serving on the Young Professionals Advisory Board through the Wisconsin Credit Union League, you’ll find Grohskopf cultivating branches that “consistently outperform others,” according to colleague Ryan Manis.

Grohskopf credits clear expectations, accountability, and teamwork to the success of these branches.

“If you talk to my team members, they’ll tell you that I have a plan for everything,” she says. “We may need to tweak the plan as we go, though we always have one.”

Plenty of follow-up, coaching, training, and “instilling fun” through internal promotions and thank-you cards has led to the branches’ overall success as well.

“I’ve been blessed with phenomenal teams that truly care about our members and each other,” she says.

Grohskopf, who spends her free time traveling to exotic places and making wine, is “invested in the credit union movement,” says Manis.

“Making a difference in my members’ and teams’ lives is what keeps me going—it is the feeling you get in those moments when they meet the goals that we’ve been working so hard toward,” Grohskopf says. “Those are the moments that make you smile as a leader.”