Tom Quigley
Tom Quigley

Love your work and those you work with

'I just want my co-workers to know that I value and appreciate them—all of them.'

October 5, 2016

Every morning at $187 million asset XCEL Federal Credit Union in Bloomfield, N.J., you’ll find Director of Marketing Tom Quigley saying hello to each person in the building.

Some get bear hugs and others might even get a little song.

Tom Quigley

Click to enlarge. XCEL FCU’s Tom Quigley volunteers at a Toys for Tots event in the community.

The daily routine earned Quigley the unofficial title of “Mayor of XCEL.”

“Honestly, it’s the least I can do,” he says. “I just want my co-workers to know that I value and appreciate them—all of them.”

Quigley also approaches member service with the same appreciation. He strives to inform, inspire, and serve XCEL Federal’s members.

“I approach each day as a member advocate, and I try to view the workday from the ‘what’s best for our members’ viewpoint,” he says.

“We always offer to do more than just write a check for community events, often sending personnel in to participate,” he adds. “The people who matter the most—our members—appreciate what we do and how we do it.”

Community involvement doesn’t stop at the end of the day for Quigley.

He spends his free time coordinating a Toys for Tots train in his hometown of Pompton Lakes, N.J., and has served as a Little League president.

Because Quigley is beloved by many, Credit Union Magazine asked this unofficial mayor if he would ever take a stab at running for president of the U.S.

“I would approach that job as I approach everything in my life,” he explains. “I would surround myself with people who are honest and transparent, humble and gracious, and who want to be good role models.”