Bob Langelier
Bob Langelier

Volunteer rocks the board room

CU director still loves a challenge.

October 4, 2016

At age 79, Bob Langelier isn’t accustomed to being called a rock star.

When pressed about his accomplishments, the retired school administrator and Holy Rosary Credit Union Supervisory Committee chair cites his 32-year career, 50-year marriage, and 20-year service as a credit union volunteer as points of pride.

Most of his days begin with a walk or a swim followed by coffee and a newspaper at the local Dunkin’ Donuts. Later, he and his wife, Betty, go for afternoon drives to the beach or the mall—probably not how Mick Jagger passes his time.

While Langelier enjoys the leisurely pace of retirement, he still loves a challenge. When management at the $210 million asset credit union in Rochester, N.H., suggested he enroll in the CUNA Volunteer Achievement Program, Langelier jumped at the opportunity.

When he learned that no one had yet fully completed the program, he set out to be the first. Just four months later, Langelier had not only finished all 42 modules, he had prepared written summaries of each course, compiled recommendations, and delivered a presentation to the board.

“I think they were surprised,” Langelier says. “I just wanted to give them something to think about.”

This isn’t the first time Langelier has exceeded expectations. Holy Rosary CEO Brian Hughes notes that Langelier brought structure to the supervisory committee by developing annual plans, promoting self-evaluations, and preparing and sharing advance agendas for meetings.

Those self-evaluations showed up again in Langelier’s 42 recommendations as he encouraged the board and administrators to adopt the practice to identify strengths, weaknesses, and growth opportunities.

Langelier says he was pleased to share what he learned and admits he is humbled by the attention he has received because of it.

“I certainly appreciate the support of the credit union as far as the nomination and the opportunities they’ve given me,” he says.