Cyreeta Sharp
Cyreeta Sharp

A millennial at heart

Talented marketer focuses much of her attention on young adults.

October 4, 2016

She’s not a millennial, but she plays one at work.

That’s Cyreeta Sharp’s standard line when someone asks—and sometimes people do ask once they learn about her vast marketing experience and do the math, which doesn’t align with the generation she spends much of her time and energy courting.

Cyreeta Sharp

Click to enlarge. The CU difference is what gains members’ trust and loyalty, says Cyreeta Sharp, shown here with some Water and Power Community CU colleagues.

Sharp delivers the line with a laugh and then quickly adds she’s a millennial at heart if not by age.

Sharp joined $594 million asset Water and Power Community Credit Union in Los Angeles two years ago as senior marketing and communications specialist. She had worked with the credit union as a client nearly a decade ago while at CBS Radio.

Sharp says that is when she first got a taste of how the industry can help people repair or improve their personal finances.

“It was never just about selling air space,” she notes.

When the opportunity to join the credit union came around, Sharp jumped in.

With a lean staff of just two, she both strategizes and executes. Sharp manages campaigns, including an upcoming replacement debit card rollout.

She writes four newsletters and makes videos with her phone, posting them on social media.

While a primary goal has been recruiting millennial members, Sharp approaches her work with a service mindset.

She knows she has to be fresh and engaging to get their attention. But she truly believes the credit union difference is what gains their trust and loyalty.

“I’m not just making a flyer. It’s not just a Facebook post,” she says. “There’s always a person on the other end of that.”

When Sharp isn’t dreaming up the next social media marketing strategy, she’s trying new dining spots or hiking the canyons around Los Angeles.

A few years ago she even found time to write an ebook, “Unbreakable Souls.”

But what has occupied her time recently?

“I’m a little embarrassed to say, but I’ve been really into Pokémon Go,” she admits.

Millennial at heart, indeed.