Andy Janning

PODCAST: Remember Clarence from ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’?

Andy Janning asks: Who is your guardian angel, and whom can you serve?

December 16, 2016

Be “Clarence,” advises leadership expert Andy Janning of NO NET Solutions.

Clarence is the guardian angel character in the classic holiday movie “It’s A Wonderful Life.”

Clarence shows George Bailey all the lives he has touched and how different life in his community would be had he never been born.

“How can you show the people in your life—personal or professional—the positive effect that they have? Leaders that do that regularly, genuinely, and personally have a completely different career trajectory, a completely different life trajectory. They see how it all fits together,” Janning tells the CUNA News Podcast.

On the flip side, Janning believes mentors must hold their charges accountable, which includes having tough conversations.

“The best moments of my life have been people who have loved me enough, who have cared about me enough, to push [everything] aside, look me in the eye and say, 'You're wrong,'" Janning says. “If I can pay that forward in a way that honors both the individual and what I believe, then I think I'm on the right path.” 

Janning describes himself as a speaker, photographer, servant, storyteller, and Christian. He’s also a financial services pro with more than 25 years of management and executive leadership experience.

Before going out on his own as a speaker, Janning worked at FORUM Credit Union in Indiana for 13 years as their corporate trainer and eventually their vice president of organizational development.

He’s a frequent speaker at credit union events and has taught at CUNA Management School.

In the podcast, Janning talks about the “Clarence” characters in his life, how he approaches leadership, and what drives him to work fast and with purpose.

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