Bret Yaw

Employment law: ‘Uncertainty will reign’

President’s top priorities include the Affordable Care Act, federal contractors, and immigration.

April 24, 2017

Uncertainty is the name of the game when it comes to changes the Trump Administration may make in employment law and how those changes will affect your credit union.

“Uncertainty will reign for the next four years,” says Bret Yaw, an attorney with FordHarrison LLC.

Yaw spoke about labor law issues credit unions will need to watch in the future during a breakout session at the CUNA Human Resources & Organizational Development Council Conference Thursday in Las Vegas.

During the presidential campaign, President Trump didn’t clearly outline his position on employment issues, Yaw says. When he did, he sometimes changed his stance later on.

President Trump also didn’t provide details about some issues he wanted his administration to address, although daughter Ivanka Trump did push for things like six-weeks of paid maternity leave, a child care tax benefit, and equal pay for women.

Some say she may be influential, Yaw says.

Other issues that Trump has indicated are among his priorities are the Affordable Care Act, federal contractors, immigration, and less regulation, Yaw says.

One area that may be more certain is the type of role agencies like the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission, Occupational Safety and Health Services Administration, Department of Labor, and National Labor Relations Board will play.

In the past, these agencies operated as enforcers that sought out violations and doled out punishments.

Under the new administration, Yaw believes these agencies will take on a compliance focus. Instead of giving out punishments for violations, he thinks agencies will look for errors, but give employers tips on how to correct them and comply with the laws.

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