Matt Maguy

PODCAST: How social media has changed marketing

CUs must invest in social media staff.

May 25, 2017

A marketing campaign 10 years ago looks a lot different than a marketing campaign today.

And social media is a big reason why.

“You really have to start thinking about how you would engage with people, not just a one-sided conversation making it all about you,” says Matt Maguy, co-founder of the marketing firm James & Matthew.

To engage successfully, credit unions need to take the channel seriously in terms of investment in dollars and staff, he tells the CUNA News Podcast.

“If credit unions aren't investing in people to run social media as a full-time position, in my humble opinion, they're completely out of their minds,” Maguy says.

In the podcast, Maguy discusses the latest trends in digital and social media marketing, his thoughts on the difficulties the airlines are having with hashtags, and whether credit unions should engage on Snapchat and other emerging platforms.

Maguy is one of the authors of CUNA's 2017-2018 Environmental Scan Report, a strategic planning resource that helps credit union leaders track the top trends affecting credit unions. That report is due out June 1.

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