Disruption tops Monday’s ACUC agenda

Disruption tops Monday’s ACUC agenda

A marketing innovator, industry trends and breakout sessions highlight the day.

June 21, 2017

Monday at the America’s Credit Union Conference features a keynote address from marketing innovator, author, and speaker Guy Kawasaki, industry trends sessions, and breakout sessions.

The industry trends sessions include:

  • Preparing for Digital Transformation: Consumers are now focused on the digital experience. To remain competitive, businesses of all kinds must change their mindsets and optimize their customer experiences to provide consistent, seamless, omnichannel offerings every time, while ensuring top-performing fraud security is in place.

  • Best Practices in Mobile Fintech Design: For credit unions, this opportunity is creating complexity: complicated multivendor systems and competing vendors that aren’t always compatible. Yet, the consumer demand for better integration, tighter security, and a more seamless experience only intensifies over time. The key is to strike the balance between keeping things simple and keeping things safe for the user.

  • Turning Your Data Into a Strategic Asset: OneAz Credit Union, Phoenix, will present candid discussion of challenges faced in deploying its enterprise data warehouse and customer relationship management solutions to enhance the members’ experience and how Unifi helped it achieve success. This will be a conceptual, non-technical discussion of the strategic do’s and don’ts in planning and creating an enterprise data warehouse.

The breakout sessions include:

  • How Real-Time Engagement Drives Credit Union Success: Nearly 70% of U.S. employees report that they aren’t engaged or are actively disengaged at work, costing U.S. employers $550 billion per year. Hear lessons from four large credit unions on how real-time engagement tools and game mechanics are improving feedback, focus, and fun, while generating non-interest income.

  • Wealth Management Isn’t Just for the Wealthy: Credit unions can remain relevant with an aging population by bucking the perception that wealth is necessary to benefit from financial planning. Prepare the middle class for retirement needs by breaking down the emotional and financial accessibility barriers that are paralyzing members while fueling holistic growth of your credit union.

  • Structures for Innovation: Where does your credit union fall on the exploit-explore spectrum? Successful organizations balance explore-type activities—such as innovation—and exploit-type activities—such as efficiency in operating practices. Filene Research Institute’s “Structures for Innovation” report includes insights on organizational challenges of recalibrating their structure to meet the need for change.

  • Becoming Digital: The Path to Frictionless Financial Services: The financial services industry is experiencing a transformation that will have a profound impact on the business, strategy, and collaboration of credit unions. This session will focus on opportunities and challenges that credit unions face and how stepping up the execution of digital and payments strategies will allow them to remain relevant and become prevalent.

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