Mel Robbins

Resilience tops Tuesday’s ACUC agenda

A motivational speaker, industry trends, and breakout sessions highlight the day.

June 26, 2017

Tuesday at America’s Credit Union Conference features Mel Robbins, an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, life coach, corporate trainer, and award-winning CNN contributor, in addition to industry trend sessions and breakout sessions.

The industry trends sessions include:

  • Maximizing the Impact of a Financial Education Program: As the growth of online and mobile banking diverts consumers away from traditional face-to-face interactions with credit union professionals, the need for financial literacy grows. Learn how the California Credit Union League and its members are working with EVERFI to deliver just-in-time, relevant online financial guidance to consumers of all ages.
  • Secrets Revealed—10 Things Your Core IT Provider Will Not Tell You: Core services are crucial for credit unions to successfully compete against larger institutions. However, with unfair contracts, the deck is stacked against smaller institutions. Suppliers protect these secrets within a team of highly skilled negotiators, contract writers, and lawyers who negotiate hundreds of contracts each year with different institutions.
  • A Look at Cybersecurity Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: This session will start by applying key learnings to past cybersecurity incidences. It will then look at how to mitigate the latest trends in threats. Lastly, attendees will learn best practices for protecting their organizations from cyberthreats in the future, emphasizing a cohesive security program that incorporates people, processes, and technology.
  • Market Insights: The presentation will combine Visa proprietary bankcard consumer spending analytics with data insights from Visa partners TransUnion and Acxiom. Specific areas will include key macroeconomic variables that influence the consumer and broader payments industry. An economic outlook through 2018 will include housing and labor markets, oil prices, wage growth, consumer spending, and the Federal Reserve.

The breakout sessions include:

  • Financial Empowerment Incubator Program & Serving the Financially Vulnerable: This session will provide an overview of financially vulnerable populations—including underserved communities and minority households—throughout the U.S. Through incubator programs, Filene Research Institute and credit unions have collaborated on solutions that have been tested and implemented to serve these populations.
  • What Matters Now™: Insights from Non-Credit Union Members: By understanding the unique profile and mindset of non- and under-engaged members, credit unions can better attract and connect with this audience. The latest What Matters Now™ research looks at the lifestyles and attitudes of nonmembers and how credit unions can better meet their needs, challenge their misconceptions, and motivate them to consider making the switch.
  • Insights from the 2017-2018 E-Scan: Do You Have What It Takes for Your Credit Union to Survive? Strategic planning means tough decisions, and this session will provide up-to-date information to help drive your knowledge. Learn top insights from the 2017-2018 CUNA E-Scan on how to prepare for—and survive—the credit union industry’s changing climate.
  • Connecting With the Latino Market: Finding Growth and Relevance Through Juntos Avanzamos: How is your credit union positioned to serve the growing Hispanic population? Join us as we explore the new national designation Juntos Avanzamos, or Together We Advance, that recognizes credit unions that are highly accessible to the Hispanic market. Learn about the benefits of the designation and best practices for serving this fast-growing, financially underserved market.
  • The Card Fraud Epidemic: Escalating card fraud and associated losses continue to trend toward epidemic proportions. Hear about fraud trends and mitigation strategies related to EMV, internet payments, friendly fraud, and more. Gain an understanding of key performance metrics, process enhancements, and new technologies to help your credit union stay ahead of fraudsters.
  • The Edge: 3 Ways Managers Can Support Millennials: How can managers help their millennial employees succeed in a competitive and challenging career environment? By helping them take an entrepreneurial approach to career success. This program empowers managers to leave their comfort zone and take steps that lead to winning outcomes, establish entrepreneurial leadership traits, and develop a strong community of allies.
  • Better Understanding Consumer Decision Making: Filene Research Institute does regular surveys regarding consumer behavior and closely monitors the trends. This research will help credit unions gain a better understanding of the economic indicators that will effect consumer behavior. Hear the latest results and how credit unions are using this information to help their members.

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