Jim Nussle at ACUC 2017

Nussle: Join the CU team

‘We need people to dedicate themselves to being all in for CUs.’

June 26, 2017

Being a part of the credit union movement isn’t like being a fan of a sports team, says Jim Nussle, CUNA president/CEO. As a fan, you don’t get asked to play in the game.

But as a credit union professional, Nussle says, you’re on the team—the America’s Credit Union team—and that team needs the help of everyone in the credit union movement to remain relevant into the future.

“I’m all in, and I think we need people to dedicate themselves to being all in for credit unions,” Nussle told attendees at the America’s Credit Union Conference Monday in Las Vegas. His address also was broadcast via Facebook Live.



What motivates him to be a part of that team, Nussle says, is his belief in the idea that credit unions can make a difference in the lives of people across the country, and that they can change the world.

His commitment also is fueled by his belief that the future relevance of credit unions is at stake.

“We don’t want to be a footnote in Wikipedia,” Nussle says. “We can’t always assume we’ll always be here and be successful.”

To ensure the industry’s relevance, Nussle says credit unions need to be relevant in the present as they serve their members and communities.

And to do that, he adds, they must continue to leverage what makes the credit union movement so special—the ingredients that are the reason credit unions can serve members and consumers better than any other type of financial institution.

Nussle says those ingredients are a credit union’s:

  • Mission: Members are at the center of everything.
  • Model: Cooperative, for people, not for shareholders.
  • Mentality: Sharing versus selfishness.

“Our DNA is already set up to meet the challenge of the future,” Nussle says. “Our mission, our model, and our mentality are all about people helping people.”

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