Jim Nussle

Getting to know you

CUNA’s new engagement strategy will help us meet your needs.

July 3, 2017

It’s our business at CUNA to develop, offer, maintain, innovate, and expand the products and services credit unions need to grow and succeed.

But whether it’s a grassroots advocacy initiative to bolster our efforts on Capitol Hill or a CUNA Councils conference to equip you with invaluable new skills, the entirety of our work matters little if our members and the broader movement aren’t engaged with us.

Which is why, to better ensure our industry-leading products and services reach your doors and desks, we have formalized a new engagement strategy we believe will strengthen our relationships and maximize the value you receive from CUNA membership.

Ultimately, a stronger bond between CUNA and credit unions will enhance our advocacy work, fine-tune our products and services, and help us boldly lead efforts to promote greater awareness of the credit union difference.

So, what is this strategy? We’d call it a heightened commitment to getting to know you better.

As your national association, if we don’t know your pain points, if we haven’t communicated with you to learn where you need the most assistance, we’re not serving you as well as we ought to be.

Your priorities and the issues you grapple with each day must literally shape how we conduct our business. With this new engagement strategy, we can strengthen our service by learning where your needs lie— directly from you.

At CUNA, we consider each staff member you might encounter—whether at one of our learning events, through our call center, or otherwise—an ambassador for our organization and someone who can connect you with the appropriate resource. But now we’ve taken it a step further.

With this new strategy, we’ve brought on five regionally based engagement consultants to enhance your CUNA membership experience.

Consider these folks your personal liaisons to your membership with CUNA.

The chief responsibility of our new consultants—our feet on the street, as we like to say—is to ensure we’re meeting your needs.

Take any issue you have at your credit union, with the industry, or with CUNA to your personal engagement consultant to resolve or, at the very least, to place smack-dab in the middle of our radar.

Through our consultants’ efforts, we hope to bring all industry voices into our work to make certain we’re addressing your priorities, whether you need us to fight for an advocacy issue or you need a solution to a compliance problem.

Our consultants travel broadly to meet with credit unions in their respective regions to ensure you get the most from CUNA membership.

We believe this engagement strategy will make it even easier to conduct business with CUNA.

You face enough complexity in your daily work. Accessing the products and services we offer should be simple.

As part of our new engagement strategy, we will continually assess how our members access our products and services, and how we can improve delivery of those resources.

We also aim to achieve new levels of responsiveness with this strategy. For CUNA to be an effective advocacy organization—for CUNA to be effective in how it promotes, supports, protects, unifies, and advances the credit union movement—we must be responsive to our members.

Ultimately, CUNA exists to serve our members and to advance the credit union industry.

We do that by better knowing and understanding our members, by making it easy to do business with us, by fostering mutually beneficial relationships, by strengthening our responsiveness, and by engaging with purpose and creating positive impact.

This is our commitment: To continually work to increase the value of CUNA membership and all that it entails.

JIM NUSSLE is president/CEO of CUNA.