Building bicycles and giving back

Building bicycles and giving back

CUNA Management School students build 17 bicycles for children during give-back event.

July 21, 2017

Students at CUNA Management Schools got a chance first-hand to see the impact credit unions can have in the community.

Second-year students gathered in Grainger Hall on the University of Wisconsin campus Thursday to take part in a give-back event: Providing bicycles for children.

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    Second-year CUNA Management School student work on unpacking their bike Thursday.

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    A team works on attaching the wheels to the bike.

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    Steve Anderson (right) puts a bike together while other members of his team reach out to friends, family, and co-workers to raise money.

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    Chrystal Murphy decorates a card that will be given to the children.

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    As a finishing touch, Kyle Gurzynski adds decorations to the bike his team built.

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    Shannon Murphy (left) and Jacqueline Ramirez add streamers and a balloon to their team’s bike.

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    With the bike built and decorated, a team focuses on raising money.

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    The 87 second-year CUNA Management School students built and donated 17 bikes to children who attend a Salvation Army Summer Camp in Madison, Wis.

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    CUNA Management School students were surprised when the 17 children arrived to pick up their bikes.


“We partner with the National Credit Union Foundation to do a social good activity,” says Kristin Ryan, director of learning events at CUNA. “It gives them a chance to see that as a credit union they can give back to their communities.”

The 87 second-year CUNA Management School built and decorated 17 bicycles for children who attend a Salvation Army Summer Camp in Madison, Wis. Each child also received a bike helmet and lock.

The students also reached out to their families, friends, and co-workers to raise money, which will be used to fund the project and the class’s scholarship fund.

Much to the students’ surprise, the children picked up their bikes soon after assembly. Students then got a chance to talk with the children and watch them enjoy the new bikes.

John M. Floyd & Associates, a CUNA Strategic Services alliance provider, provided the shirts for the students and also sponsored a life simulation that was held earlier in the day.