Katey Clem
Katey Clem

Bringing training into the 21st century

Innovative technology solutions have invigorated Denali FCU's training department.

October 6, 2017

As training and development manager for Denali Federal Credit Union in Anchorage, Katey Clem loves any opportunity to provide hands-on training. 

But with branches spread far and wide across the state, sometimes that’s not feasible.

So Clem brought innovative technology solutions to Denali Federal’s training department, developing an online training program where she can share her screen with the off-site trainee. 

“Hands-on training is always better, but we needed something better than just reading an online training manual,” she says. 

Clem also started a video series for the fledgling business department—which Denali Federal opened about three years ago—to bring new hires up to speed on business products.

Before taking on her current role, Clem served as a branch manager, where she excelled, achieving manager of the year in her first year of service. “Katey has created a manual for success that has encouraged other department heads to adopt her style, creating a culture of family and corporate success,” says David Stafford, a district manager at Denali Federal.

‘At the credit union, people really do care about what happens to their members.’

As training manager, Clem saw a need among her peers for training on public speaking and networking. She loves building relationships, and gained a lot of confidence in her networking skills by participating in a BNI (Business Network International) group. 

To share those skills with her co-workers, Clem created a 12-week public speaking course. She guides her peers through the process of networking, building relationships, and delivering speeches—culminating in a 10-minute speech. 

“It’s been really cool to see how much people have come out of their shells,” she says. “By the end of it, they’re so excited to do this 10-minute speech.”

The credit union model and commitment to serving members drives Clem’s passion for her job.

“At the credit union, people really do care about what happens to their members,” she says. 

Clem serves on the board of Denali Federal’s fundraiser for the Children’s Miracle Network and has enjoyed coordinating a Christmas toy drive for an inner-city school in a community Denali Federal serves. 

“The toy drive really gets to me because most of these kids won’t have presents,” she says. “I love building the relationship with this elementary school, getting our name out there, and showing them that the community cares about them even though they don’t know them personally.”