Randy Harrington

PODCAST: The CEO as idea creator and decision maker

Harrington served as facilitator for the inaugural CUNA CEO Council Conference.

October 20, 2017

The role of credit union CEO has evolved from knowledge master to idea creator and decision maker, says strategic planning consultant Randy Harrington.

Leaders must lean on senior staff and volunteers for information and observations, form strategies that incorporate this knowledge, and then act decisively to bring those ambitions to life.

"It's a strange tension between really wanting to have clarity about where you're going and what's important—and at the same time being responsive and nimble, quick to change, quick to take advantage of opportunity, and quick to shut down things that are actually sources of weakness," Harrington tells the CUNA News Podcast. "It is that kind of decision tempo that is the unique role of the CEO."

Earlier this week, Harrington served as facilitator for the inaugural CUNA CEO Council Conference, where he delivered a presentation on effective interpersonal and organizational communication in the digital age. 

The CUNA CEO Council, which recently celebrated its first year in existence, is a professional development organization made up entirely of credit union CEOs.

Harrington is the CEO of Extreme Arts & Sciences, which serves global high-tech firms with executive planning and communications support. He also is CEO of Strategic Arts and Sciences, which serves financial institutions, health care services, and public agencies.

Harrington is one of the authors of CUNA’s 2017-2018 Environmental Scan report, which highlights some of the top strategic trends facing credit unions today.

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