More Scenes from MBDC 2018

More scenes from #MBDCouncil 2018

Conference continues with sessions on crisis management, digital marketing.

March 14, 2018

The CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council Conference continued Wednesday in San Francisco.

The 550 attendees participated in sessions on crisis management and communications, improving digital marketing efforts, using member feedback loops, and more.

Following are photos from conference sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday.


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    Kindra Hall offers three steps to aid your credit union's strategic storytelling.

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    Mia Perez of Louisiana Federal Credit Union presents an East Oakland Community Housting Project representative with a giveback effort coordinated by CUNA Marketing & Business Development Conference attendees.

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    Randy Schultz, vice president, Weber Marketing Group, examines disruptive brands and campaigns.

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    People are not logical. So why does your credit union build product positioning, marketing, and business development conversations around logic, asks Melina Palmer, founder of Defying Gravity.

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    Hilary Reed, chief strategy officer, Empower Strategic Solutions, discusses what marketers have learned in the past 25 years.

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    Deborah Mersino, chief marketing officer, Oregon Community Credit Union, provides differentiation tips for credit unions.

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    Don’t overgeneralize any of your member segments, says Opal Tomashevska, CUNA Mutual Group’s manager of bicultural business strategy.

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    Financial outreach isn’t just good for members, it’s good for the credit union’s bottom line, says Jessica Oliver, director of financial outreach for Pelican State CU in Baton Rouge, La.

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    Branding goes well beyond logos, says Steve Ducey, chief experience officer at Vibrant CU in Moline, Ill.