CUNA supports NCUA’s suspension/debarment proposal

May 9, 2018

CUNA supports NCUA taking administrative action to address due process in the agency’s procurement processes, it wrote to the agency Wednesday. CUNA’s comment letter was sent in response to NCUA’s proposed suspension and debarment procedures.

“CUNA agrees with the agency that for the purposes of a liquidation or conservatorship of an undercapitalized or failing credit union, suspension and debarment procedures need not be applied to legal services contracts, whether provided on behalf of NCUA as an agency or the NCUA board as conservator or liquidating agent,” the letter reads. “CUNA does not believe that the proposed rule regarding suspension and debarment processes should materially restrict the board’s statutory contracting rights as conservator or liquidating agent.”

CUNA also believes the provisions within the proposal that provides contractors with an option for judicial review provides sufficient remedy.