Scenes from CU Water Cooler How To Conference 2018

Photo gallery: Scenes from the How To Conference by CU Water Cooler

Credit union thinkers and doers share ideas.

June 14, 2018

Credit union leaders gathered at the How To Conference by CU Water Cooler in mid-June. The conference, organized by gameFI’s Matt Davis and Currency Marketing’s Tim McAlpine, took place at the Majestic Theatre in Madison, Wis.

Following are photos from the two-day event:


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    Cristina Farmus, board member at Purdue FCU, discusses board engagement with CU Water Cooler’s Matt Davis.

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    Dr. Michael Hudson encourages people to tell their stories.

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    Samuel Brownell, founder/CEO of CUCollaborate LLC, discusses making it easier to join credit unions.

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    Kent Dicken of iDiz Incorporated explains the advantages of mingling ideas.

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    Larissa Walkiw, a graphic designer with Current Marketing, advocates for using what you do for fun as an avenue for connection and success.

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    California and Nevada CU League CEO Diana Dykstra chats with CU Water Cooler’s Matt Davis about innovation.

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    TwoScore’s Amanda Thomas expresses her passion for small credit unions.

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    Currency Marketing’s Tim McAlpine puts audience questions to James Robert Lay of the Digital Growth Institute.

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    Mike Higgins, CEO, Mike Higgins & Associates, digs into the balancing act of making an impact and making a profit.

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    Matt Davis, founder of gameFI (left), chats with Mike Higgins about cooperative values.

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    Filene Research Institute’s Adam Lee delivers a talk about the power of showing off your social values for everyone to see.

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    Alan Davis of Baskervill offers tips for embracing the moments in which you can have the greatest impact.

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    Nikhil Lakhanpal, co-founder of Narmi, offers his take on the next 10 years for credit unions.

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    Mazuma CU’s Laura Eblen and Service 1st FCU's Chris Court share collaboration tips.

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    Dupaco CU’s David Klavitter addresses credit union patronage.

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    Heartland CU’s Robin Marohn (right) chats with CU Water Cooler’s Matt Davis about creating local community impact.

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    Educators CU's Shannon Huot talks with Matt Davis about working with students to plan for paying for college.

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    Conference organizers Matt Davis (left) and Tim McAlpine wrap up the How To Conference.