Joe Sullivan

A digital void

Interactions, not transactions increase loyalty, satisfaction.

June 30, 2018

While technological change offers more ways than ever to connect with humanity, fostering deeper connectedness remains elusive in a digital world. The companies and organizations that effectively blend the personal and digital experience—both for consumers and employees—are those that enjoy the highest levels of satisfaction and loyalty.

Joe Sullivan, CEO and founder of Market Insights, offered attendees of the America’s Credit Union Conference advice on how their organization can build deeper connections with consumers during a break out session Saturday.

"Human connection is the only thing that will differentiate you from your competition," says Sullivan.

Sullivan gave three tips for deepening the human connection

  1. Have clear purpose. Organizations with a clear purpose—those with a guiding principle—are better understood by consumers, Sullivan said. He described purpose as a “north star” that should align with the needs of the marketplace.
  2. Cultivate empathy. Empathy expressed through both physical and digital channels leads to greater emotional connection, Sullivan said. Companies with empathy share their story with consumers. They genuinely want to find solutions to consumers' problems, and they are truly curious about their lives.
  3. Rethink face-to-face. Today’s successful companies make new opportunities for human-to-human contact possible for both employees and members, blending the digital and physical world.

Sullivan cited Amazon as a company that continually demonstrates this concept, with its Alexa artificial intelligence technology as the latest example. He said humans are biologically wired to connect: It is how we evolve. Companies should shift the focus of their relationship from transactions to interactions.

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