19 state AGs write Sessions sharing CUNA’s ADA concerns

July 24, 2018

Attorneys General from nineteen states have written Attorney General Jeff Sessions calling for clarity about how the Americans With Disabilities Act applies to websites. Several of the attorneys general signed onto the letter as a direct result of advocacy by state credit union leagues.

CUNA continues its work to find a solution on the regulatory and legislative arenas, as uncertainty over how the ADA applies to websites has led to lawsuits against credit unions.

CUNA and leagues around the country have written to and met with policymakers at the state and federal level to urge the Department of Justice to clarify if and how the ADA applies to website accessibility.

Credit unions are cited in the letter as an example of an industry that has been targeted by frivolous ADA lawsuits and predatory demand letters.

“When it comes to web accessibility standards, the ADA does not provide clear guidance to the public or regulated entities,” the letter reads. “This void in the law has led to unnecessary lawsuits in an effort to exploit the law’s ambiguity for financial gain with little or no corresponding benefit to consumers.”

The letter follows up one from 103 members of Congress sent last month to Sessions, also sharing CUNA’s concerns over ADA compliance.

CUNA has teamed up with leagues in several states to file briefs in support of credit unions hit with lawsuits (most recently at the appellate level), worked to get language addressing the issue added to a House appropriations bill and met with Department of Justice officials.

CUNA also has compliance resources available for credit unions.